We are access and ability. We are concerned community members. We are the healthy kind of enablers. We are a group dedicated to rethinking disability, challenging the paradigms, doing things with and not for people, raising awareness, and making accommodations. We are a center for independent living.



Executive Director: Todd Whiteman
Director of Operations: Rick Diamond
Director of Community Development: Stacey Trowbridge
Independent Living: Christine Wistrom
NFT Outreach: Ronda Wenger
Office Manager: Karon Beukema
Accountant: Rob Dale
Transition: Kristin Myers
Independent Living: Angela Mitchell
Vocational Evaluation: Mark Leeson

Board of Directors

President: Amber, Marcy, Fusion Medical Supplies, LLC
Vice President: Margaret Bakker, Allegan County
Treasurer: Michele Chaney, Consumers Credit Union
Secretary: Rev. Terry DeYoung, Reformed Church in America

Brent Immink
Megan Rietman
Ryan Shine