Developing A More Independent Lifestyle

People with disabilities want the same lifestyles as those without disabilities. However, many times they do not know where to begin. Disability Network/Lakeshore provides Information and Referral PLUS.

We not only give you ideas about where to call to access the resources you need, but we also help you understand how the organization works and what role you can play in order to be successful in your request.

We are happy to answer any questions that you have over the phone or through a personal appointment. We use our database and community contacts to assist with various topics, including:

  • Options for public and private transportation
  • Employment related concerns
  • Accessibility at home and in the community
  • Understanding Social Security and state disability options
  • Resources for assistive technology such as hearing aids, computer technology, wheelchairs, and adaptive equipment
  • Information about the Assistive Technology Loan Fund
  • Accessible housing options, including rental, home ownership, and available support

For more information, contact Bree Austin-Roberts, Information & Referral Specialist, at (616) 396-5326 ext. 102 or